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Angewandte Innovation Lab, ArchiLab 2002, ars electronica, Baby an Bord, Wien Museum, basis wien, Bucky Ball und Bucky Bud, Bundeskanzleramt, bwin, crystallized cosmos, DIY, fast forward, Figur Skulptur, Sammlung Essl, Future Music Blender HdM, Gorufu Renshujo, i:spy, Latent Utopias, Steirischer Herbst , Lebt und Arbeitet in Wien II, Mozart Pavillion, MQ Projektor, Nachbarin, One in a Million, signs of trouble, Sinalco Epoche, Wien Museum, soft seating, stealing eyeballs, superheated ice, SWA Shop, tags HdM, taste it, Uhrenmuseum, Weingut Heinrich Publikumsräume, Weingut Weninger Horitschon, Wittmann , Wutzler

propeller z, Einbau
crystallized cosmos (weltweit/, 2005)

Creating a continuous space that allows for a focused presentation of different fashion trends without the need for distinct rooms. A system that is flexible and modular yet rigid, without the look and feel of the ephemeral. A set of elements easy to ship, set up and dismantle, that can be reconfigures in different constellations for meeting present and future demands.

Merging the presentation space and the presentation itself through smart panels that come with a multiplicity of built in display options. Create large scale moodboards – tools for presenting seasonal trends in a more abstract way than in the form of furnished rooms.