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propeller z, Einbau
ArchiLab 2002 (Orleans/F, 2002)

With the propeller z starter kit Vol.3 you can enjoy brushing up on your knowledge of propeller z projects anytime, anywhere. Here are three exciting ways to play:

Trumpf Shuffle the cards and deal out the entire deck. The first player begins by choosing a category listed on the lower part of any card and reads out the category and the corresponding value. The player with the highest value wins the trick and the cards are added to the bottom of the player´s stack. That player calls out the next category and the game continues. Highlighted values (trumpf, marked with white arrows) are dominant in their respective categories and cannot be beaten by any other card. The supertrumpf (card 8C) beats all other cards in all categories. Whoever ends up with the most cards wins.

Quartett Minimum number of players is three. The cards are shuffled and dealt. The first player asks any one of the other players for a card that he/she needs to get four of a kind (ABCD) in any category (1 to 8) as indicated in the upper left-hand corner. If the player who is asked for a card is holding that card, he/she must hand it over and the player who asked for the card gets to continue. If not, it´s the next player´s turn to ask. Whoever ends up with the most full sets wins.

House of Cards Construct your own house with the 36 fully functional construction modules! Add more kits to expand your range of possibilities!
propeller z recommends the generous application of Ponal™ Expressglue for more spectacular results

propeller z starter kit vol.3  (1.7MB)